Mountain View Area

The City of Mountain View is located in beautiful Stone County, Arkansas.  Stone County is in the north central part of Arkansas and is in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.  This area is one of unpolluted, unspoiled natural beauty and contains beautiful forests, clear flowing creeks and rivers, and majestic mountains.

Mountain View has an historic Court Square and is known as the “Folk Music Capital of the World.”  This distinction is due to the location in Mountain View of the Ozark Folk Center State Park whose primary purpose is to preserve the “Ozark way of life”.

The main industry in Stone County is tourism.  The White River, which flows along the county’s eastern border, provides world class trout fishing.  The Ozark National Forest, which encompasses the northern part of the county, has camping, fishing, hiking trails, hunting, mountain bike trails and endless other outdoor activities.  Also located within the Ozark National Forrest, Blanchard Springs and Caverns Federal Park which is arguably the most beautiful springs and caverns in the United States.

Mountain View is conveniently located to Arkansas residents as it is a maximum 3-4 hour drive from anywhere in the State.

If you are traveling from out of State, noted below are the distances from surrounding metropolitan areas.
Area                                                      Miles               Approximate Drive Time (hours)
Dallas, TX                                            420                                          7.0
Jackson, MS                                        350                                          6.0
Memphis, TN                                       150                                          3.0
Oklahoma City, OK                             350                                          6.0
St. Louis, MO                                      250                                          4.5
Shreveport, LA                                    300                                          5.5

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